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September 09, 2019 2 min read

All over the country, you can find our I.Ma.Gi.N. stores back in 7 different cities. We fell in love with every city for multiple reasons. The city where we opened our very first store, was Antwerp. That decision was quickly made. My husband and I are born in Antwerp, so we already lost our hearts to the beautiful city. Antwerp is also well known for its leader roll in the diamond sector. So obviously, we were very proud to open our first store in a city, that important for the jewelry industry. Every day you can discover new shops and multiple lunch places. Believe us, you’ll never be bored in Antwerp. We love to walk around not knowing where to end. And so we did for this new blog post. In need of some new inspiration of places to visit? These are our favorite hotspots in the city where our journey began.

Essentiel is one of the most colorful shops around the corner. If you are a shopping addict, visit the store and check out the most trendy pieces. Even their autumn or winter collection stays as colorful as in the summer. But no worries, even your love for black will be answered. There is a lot of choices, from cute flower dresses with pink leopard bags till thick black sweaters with a leather detail. Admitted, after walking around in the store for like 3 minutes, I immediately felt in love with the fluffy khaki coat. It was like I was wearing my blanket, and it still looks oh so chic. New winter coat, check!

In need of a detox or juice on the go? Check out the JusJus shop. They offer different cleansing programs, juices, and healthy snacks. Everything is freshly made in their little fabric. No sugar added and only seasonal fruits or greens. One of our favorites is the Pineapple Mojito or the Skinny G Juice (made of grapefruit) which stimulates the digestion. Highly recommended: the kale chips wit Kurkuma dressing, one of mine (healthy) new addictions.

I think I can say I’m a huge American Vintage lover. My closet is full of its sweaters, shirts, and jackets. What do I like so much about it? It has that chic look but isn’t that expensive. And most of all it’s worth investing in a good basic because you can combine it with so many other items in your closet, love it! The American Vintage store is not that big, so you may already have passed it. But once you’ve visited the story, I’m pretty sure you’ll never forget about it.

If you can’t get enough of that summer vibe (read: eating icecream like every day) you definitely should try the ice cream at Gelato Factory. Be prepared the decision will be hard. There are like 20 different flavors. As a chocolate addict, I choose the Ferrero Rocher flavor. I could really taste pieces of Ferrero Rocher, heaven! You can eat outside or inside or take it with you walking around the city. Exercising while eating chocolate, it’s like the perfect diet :)

We hope you got inspirited. Have fun discovering our hotspots in Antwerp. Hope to see you soon!

With love,