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September 09, 2019 2 min read

It’s only one month waiting until it’s the coziest time of the year again: Christmas. Sitting together with the family around the fireplace, catching up on life and of course, time to impress your family members with your gift skills. Are you already thinking about what to give to your mother/sister or best friend? Or do you want to make your hubby or parents life easier by creating a jewelry wishlist? We will make it easier for you, and give you some jewelry inspiration (and tips and tricks!), ideal to give or to get with the holidays. Get inspired and let the countdown begin!

The jewels in our newest I.Ma.Gi.N collection fit everyone. Of course, you have your own style and favorite material of jewels. If you are planning on buying your mother/sister or best friend a beautiful jewel, try to discover which jewelry material fits them the best. Is she already wearing a golden ring and bracelet? Then stay true to gold and don’t go buy a silver ring or bracelet to combine :(

The same count for choosing earrings. Stay close to the style of the woman you’ll buy the jewelry for. One thing that makes it easier, is you don’t have to guess which size she has. Of course, all the earrings fit everyone You can definitely put one of these on your own wishlist or give it as a sweet present. :)

As you probably already saw, we offer both minimalistic rings as statement rings. Some types of woman, would rather keep it small and combine multiple rings together, other ones may prefer one big statement ring to show off to their friends. Buying jewelry for someone else isn’t that easy, but once you discovered someone elses style. You just have to choose. Which isn’t easy as well but, so much fun :)

Are you already looking for an accessory to pimp your holiday outfit? Try to mix and match different necklaces together or go for one big statement necklace. If the woman, you are buying the present for already has a necklace, try to find a shorter or longer one to combine it with. If you are not sure of which one fits the best together. Take a picture and pass by our store. We will help you with pleasure :)

Don’t be afraid to buy jewels for the people you love. Try to take into account their own style and use of jewelry material but dare to make decisions and just have fun in choosing a beautiful gift. We hope we gave you some gift inspiration or you’ll know what to put on your own wishlist right now. And don’t forget, you’re doing this out of love so you can never go wrong. And if you’ll see your mom or bestie doesn’t like the gift that much, you can always change it  Enjoy the ride!

We hope to see you soon.

With love,